Interview with Sheriff Andrea J. Cabral, Esq., the 30th Sheriff of Suffolk County

Andrea J. Cabral, Esq., the 30th Sheriff of Suffolk County and the first female sheriff in Massachusetts’ history.
In this interview we learn about the changes that Sheriff Cabral implemented at the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department. We learn about the programs Sheriff Cabral instituted, among them, specific programs to address the needs of female detainees and inmates in the Department’s custody. We also learn about the Sheriff’s views in recidivism prevention and education.

Interview with Judge Thomas Horgan

Judge Thomas Horgan presides at the Boston Municipal Court, Central Division. Judge Horgan demystifies the arraignment process. This interview touches upon concepts of bail, 209(A) restraining orders, probation, issued warrants; and the jury system. Judge Horgan also comments on judicial independence and about the process of retaining a private counsel.

Interview with Dan Conley Suffolk County District Attorney

District Attorney Daniel F. Conley is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in Suffolk County.
District Attorney Conley discusses the direction his office is taking to be at the forefront of wrongful conviction prevention. DA Conley refers to crime scene investigation techniques and use of technology for prosecution. DA Conley also talks about programs pertaining to Witness and Victim protection.