Interview with Lisa Goodheart, President of the Boston Bar Association

Lisa Goodheart concentrates in environmental, real estate and general business litigation. Before joining SRBC, she was a partner in the Boston office of DLA Piper US LLP, and before that a partner at Hill & Barlow, P.C. She has extensive experience in cost-recovery cases, permitting appeals, land use disputes, enforcement actions, insurance coverage disputes, design and construction matters, and a broad range of business litigation matters.

Interview with Mary Elizabeth Heffernan, Secretary of Public Safety and Security

Massachusetts Secretary of Public Safety and Security, Mary Elizabeth Heffernan oversees fourteen agencies and commissions in her capacity as cabinet member. To name some: The Office of the Medical Chief Examiner, The Department of Community Corrections, The State Police, Home Land Security, etc.
Secretary Heffernan discuses the policies her office has identified and worked on, among them the “Safety Successful Youth Initiative” to prevent youth violence.

Interview with Committee for Public Counsel Services, Chief Counsel, Anthony Bennedetti

Chief Counsel Anthony Benedetti describes the functions and the work that the Committee for Public Counsel Services (CPCS) performs to protect the rights of those individual with low or no income. Chief Counsel Bennedetti thoroughly explains all the services CPCS provides both in the criminal and civil side to ensure that CPCS clients’ rights under the constitution are properly observed and preserved.

Interview with Sheriff Andrea J. Cabral, Esq., the 30th Sheriff of Suffolk County

Andrea J. Cabral, Esq., the 30th Sheriff of Suffolk County and the first female sheriff in Massachusetts’ history.
In this interview we learn about the changes that Sheriff Cabral implemented at the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department. We learn about the programs Sheriff Cabral instituted, among them, specific programs to address the needs of female detainees and inmates in the Department’s custody. We also learn about the Sheriff’s views in recidivism prevention and education.

Interview with Judge Thomas Horgan

Judge Thomas Horgan presides at the Boston Municipal Court, Central Division. Judge Horgan demystifies the arraignment process. This interview touches upon concepts of bail, 209(A) restraining orders, probation, issued warrants; and the jury system. Judge Horgan also comments on judicial independence and about the process of retaining a private counsel.