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“Discovering The Law” is an educational public access television program, with the purpose of educating and informing the public about the law and other various legal issues in Massachusetts. The program is conducted through a series of interviews of prominent legal figures. Through in-depth interviews with subject matter practitioners, Lucy Rivera explores multiple topics related to politics, the economy and society from a legal perspective.

About Lucinda Rivera

Lucinda Rivera

Lucinda Rivera is a Boston trial lawyer and former Assistant District Attorney. She is a panel member of Suffolk Lawyers for Justice.

Her public interest work was recognized by the Boston Bar Association, which described her as one of the “next generation of civic leaders.”

• Appointed to serve in the Advisory Board of the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination.
• Elected member to the State Democratic Committee.
• Member of the Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.
• Member of the Boston Bar Association.
• Co-Chair of the Massachusetts Association of Hispanic Attorneys.

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